AMA self-assessment

Before selecting an HIT product, use this part of the site to help you assess the needs and status of your practice. Understand your workflow, your staff, and your budget.

Carefully consider the following factors for your practice: cost, technical requirements, workflow change, and cultural change. Relate these factors to your practice's specific needs and capabilities.


Providers about to implement HIT need to look carefully at their budgets and plan rigorously for these pitfalls. With careful planning, the cost of HIT won’t outweigh the benefits, but without planning, cost may defeat your efforts.

Technical readiness:

Remember to be patient and to be open to learn. You won’t be able to maximize these exciting technologies unless you are comfortable with them!

Workflow analysis:

Remember: be ready to change the way your practice runs! You’re adopting HIT not to replicate your old methods on a computer, but to make your methods smoother, richer, and more efficient. See our tools section for help with analyzing and designing workflow.

Cultural Change:

At base, switching to HIT gracefully and efficiently requires self-awareness. Understand your workflow. Understand your technical status and the comfort of your staff with technology. Understand how much of a transition will be required, and how you will cope with decreased productivity during adjustment. Understand how you will handle resistance and fear among both providers and support staff. Be willing to change and open to new information. If you spend enough time with the self-assessment stage of this process, your transitional stages will be much easier than if you proceed with a trial-by-fire in mind