Java notes

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Java notes


There are many excellent texts on Java. Among the best that I have used and still use are the two volumes of Core Java by Cay Horstmann and Gary Cornell in the 8th edition

Pro Java Programming by Brett Spell, published by Apress, is good.

The extensive series and various editions on Java published by O'Reilly are generally excellent.

The textbook by L. Daniel Liang, Introduction to Java Programming in 10th or other editions, is very good. I have a digital version of edition 10 and a physical copy of edition 8

There are two very good sets of books on Java 7 and Java 8 by Kishori Sharan. I have the first volume on Java 8 and all three volumes on Java 7, entitled Harnessing Java 7.

There are several good books on the new features added to Java 8. I have read both at least cursorily, but will review them more carefully soon.