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Business planning

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I have extensive experience in writing business plans and related financial plans. I have done many plans for my own ventures and while employed in large companies, specifically Time-Warner and The Walt Disney Company.

Most recently, I wrote a business plan for marketing a software product developed by an assisted-living company called Brandywine Senior Living. Brandywine developed for its own use a web-accessible system for scheduling per diem nurses in nursing homes that it owned. Brandywine sold its nursing homes in early 2006 to concentrate on its assisted-living facilities. The software is useful for nursing homes, but not particularly useful in assisted-living facilities where there is relatively little use of per diem nurses. As a consequence Brandywine wanted to determine what value the software would have to other companies which own and operate nursing homes. Since the software is well-designed and potentially useful by any type of nursing home, Brandywine needed a document that laid out the market for the product, showed what options exist for marketing it and showed financial projections based on various assumptions.

I have done similar plans in various levels of detail for many different types of businesses.

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