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Java-based software development/Healthcare information systems


Software development with Java

I have two primary work areas. I now concentrate on the first: software development using the Java language, Java-implemented APIs, libraries and frameworks. Some details regarding this are available here.

Electronic medical records (EMR)

The second area of work relates to healthcare information technology. I provide consulting to physicians' practices regarding the selection, acquisition and implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

I can also do specialized programming that interacts with EMR systems or can implement and adapt one of several excellent free and open-source (F\OSS) EMR systems, specifically PatientOS, written in Java, or OpenEMR, written in PHP. There are other good F\OSS electronic medical records systems, OpenMRS, Indivo and Indivo X, the various VistA-based systems. VistA is the EHR system developed over many years at the federal government's Departmentof Veterans Affairs.


Java examples here

Notes on Java here

C, C++ and Java Native Interface (JNI)

I do not create professional applications with either C or C++ as I do using the Java language. I have a reasonably good knowledge of both languages however, particularly C, less good of C++. I continually work on that knowledge to gain sufficient expertise to write entire applications with one or the other. I mainly use the knowledge of them to write JNI (Java Native Interface) programs, in order to exchange data and function calls between Java programs and programs written in C or C++.

C examples here

C++ examples here

Examples of JNI from Java to C here

C and C++ notes

More extensive notes here

In these notes so far, I provide information about the books and other references that I have found useful for learning C, C++ and JNI. Not surprisingly, there are many good references out there. I was led to the few that I have used by various references in other publications that I have run across.

Regarding the examples of code, I have shown simple programs that are often variants of the examples that I have found in the books that I have read. I plan to add more commentary on what the programs accomplish and what features each illustrates in the respective languages. When I run across some aspect of a computer language or its use that is not entirely clear to me, I find that a search of the world wide web will turn up a good elucidation of the issue, so I want to try to reciprocate here by pointing out particularly puzzling or confusing aspects of C, etc., so that the next person has a good explanation of something that otherwise in unclear. Examples with commentary are very useful for the explanation, in part because the code may be copied and run by someone else as proof that the explanation works.

I have not added much commentary yet, but I hope to do so fairly soon


There is information on this website regarding the medical services system in general. This includes some interesting statistics on physician compensation by specialty.

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