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Java-based software development/Healthcare information systems


Software development with Java

I have two primary work areas. I now concentrate on the first: software development using the Java language, Java-implemented APIs, libraries and frameworks. Some details regarding this are available here.

Electronic medical records (EMR)

The second area of work relates to healthcare information technology. I provide consulting to physicians' practices regarding the selection, acquisition and implementation of electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

I can also do specialized programming that interacts with EMR systems or can implement and adapt one of several excellent free and open-source (F\OSS) EMR systems, specifically PatientOS, written in Java, or OpenEMR, written in PHP.


Java examples here

Notes on Java here

C and C++

I do not do professional programming with either C or C++, but I have started to study both languages in earnest so that I may write JNI (Java Native Interface) programs in either one.

C examples here

C++ examples here

Notes on C and C++ here

Business consulting

In addition I offer more general types of business-related services: business planning and analyis (see an example of a business plan for a physicians' practice downloadable in text format here to offer its EMR/PM system to small, surrounding practices on an application service provider (ASP) basis), financial analysis, strategic advice, operational improvement services and tax advice.

Other information in this website

There is information on this website regarding the medical services system in general available by clicking the appropriate hyperlinks below. This includes some interesting statistics in physician compensation by specialty.

Healthcare Services EMR systems
Interoperability OpenEMR

Public key for encryption

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