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Interim management

I provide interim management services to companies. I have general, operational and financial management experience in many business settings. My experience includes launching and managing a variety of profitable businesses in both services and manufacturing and executive management in large companies.

I co-ran Serotta Competition Bicycles for two years in the early 1990s as the primary operational and financial manager. I started, owned and ran a company called Pallet Recyclers of New York Inc., which manufactured wooden pallets out of recycled wood for most of the 1990s.

I worked for most of the 1980s as a financial executive for media companies, specifically divisions of Time-Warner and The Walt Disney Company. I have excellent technical skills in accounting, financial management, logistics and manufacturing as well technical knowledge of many aspects of information systems design, development and implementation.

I can tailor my time and location to any client need. I work inexpensively and quickly.